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My name is Steve Bishop, and back in the 80’s I was never interested in day jobs or climbing the corporate ladder. One day, I saw Mark King play bass and I made the instant decision to be an original bass player, which led to the question:

How Do You Become An Original Bass Player?

I've Been On That Journey Ever Since...

I played in local bandsplaying other people's music in pubs and clubs, and a professional band where we got a deal. (that's me on the left side of the stage) >>>

But I always wanted to just do my own stuff. I was looking for something else; something different, something to express who I was.

Playing in bands back in those days wasn’t easy. I spent many years jumping between minimum wage jobs and being on the dole trying to ‘live’ in cheap bedsits just to play the bass. At the same time, trying to deal with landlords stealing my Trace Elliot amp and holding my Level 42 and Steely Dan vinyl albums for ransom.

Steve Bishop Bass

The Early Years...

My recording setup was basic; a four-track (that kept breaking), and a Yamaha RY10 drum machine (which was stolen). I didn’t have a rack of gear or loads of basses like kids do today; I still have the same Washburn Status I’ve had for years (didn’t have £2000 for a MK I Status back then - still don’t!).

Through those early years as a self-taught musician I listened, practised and recorded riffs, looking for something I didn’t know I was looking for.

My self-taught curriculum consisted of most of the bassist’s of the day: Mick Karn (Japan), Derek Forbes (Simple Minds), Jaco Pastorius (Weather Report), Pino Palladino (Gary Numan, Paul Young), Larry Graham, Stanley Clarke, Mark King (Level 42) Marcus Miller, Louis Johnson (The Brothers Johnson), Rocco Prestia (Tower of Power), John Patitucci, Jonas Hellborg, Bernard Edwards, Stu Hamm, Chuck Rainey (Steely Dan), Tony Levin, James Jamerson and many, many others.

I learned music theory; other instruments; guitar / keyboards and was given a pair of drum sticks, and I learned a few sticking patterns for the drum-set. I never lived anywhere I could have a drum kit, so I would ‘Air Drum,’ and kneel on the floor to play rhythms on the sofa (one bedsit i, lived in had a big hole in the wall from drumming on the wall!).

Even though I listened to all the great bass players of the day it was actually playing with drum sticks and ‘Air Drumming’ that gave me what I didn’t know I was looking for.

I Discovered 'The SECRET'

It was through ‘Air Drumming’ that I discovered the secret to creating unique and original bass lines: sticking patterns called Paradiddles. It was this insight that led me to the idea that these sticking patterns Can Be Applied To Bass! This was radically different from what most people were doing or teaching at the time. You see, we are measuring the wrong thing.

It reminded me of Mark King on a tv program back in the day saying something about how he was “drumming on the bass,” I didn’t make the connection back then; I knew he played rhythmically, but it hadn’t ‘clicked;’ he was talking about Paradiddles, patterns you can play between your hands! (Would have made my life a lot easier if he would have said that fifteen years ago)

I finally had an understanding of how to confidently move forward with my bass playing - I’d accidentally stumbled onto something I didn’t even know I was looking for; you could call it my ‘sound.’

The application or approach of pre-defined rhythms led to one evening back in 1996. I was practising in my room on a mate’s Hohner Fretless I borrowed (who passed away before I could give it back), and came up with a riff derived from a certain rhythm I was thinking about at the time, which has since become my all-time favourite demo called Talk Is Cheap.

The track Talk Is Cheap is the first time I ever believed in what I was doing and listening to something that truly reflected who I was and what I was all about; a ‘sound’ I wanted to express musically to the world.

This is how...

I Found 'THE NINE LAWS' Solution

As I began to use these sticking patterns I came up with nine variations, which is how The Nine Laws came into being. I never intended or imagined The Nine Laws as something to put out into the public, as it was created and developed over time (still an ongoing process) as something to use for myself. However, through the years I’ve been asked how I do some of the things I do, and the concept of Paradiddles Applied to Bass is sometimes what I talk about.

As a self-taught musician, when I look back through all my practising, learning and playing I realize there wasn’t anything that taught me how to come up with my own bass lines; I imagine the same is true for you. Thanks to the The Nine Laws you don’t have to struggle to come up with unique and original bass lines. I know what it’s like to practice for years and feel like you haven’t made much progress, or not sure what you’re doing. Now you can move forward with confidence like your playing means something.

Since those early days I’ve spent a lot of time, life and money to refine and develop The Nine Laws (again; still developing). Most bassists focus on what scales to play to make a great baseline, (nothing wrong with that) but if you start with a rhythm first, and add one or two notes to that rhythm, you can create unique and original bass lines of your own. This is how I created a track recently called Someone Different - 80% of the track it is literally Law #1 for most of the song.

These Are Just A Few Songs Created Using


You Can Do The Same


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That should be enough to give you an idea of what can be done. There's a lot more. I think you can tell by listening to my music that it’s made by someone who cares about what they do. I started The Nine Laws a long time ago and I am just getting started with what is possible. The same can be true for you. The possibilities of The Nine Laws are endless.

In the spirit of ‘Originality is Found Through Other People’s Work,’ my wish is to inspire you with my work to create your own riffs, and TAB them how you understand them. I promise you its a lot more fulfilling to do it your own way, the way you think it should sound, and be played.

The Nine Laws Bass Method:

  • Every Month We'll Look At Video Breakdowns of Bass Lines To Songs and Current Ideas I’am Working OnI’ve simplified everything down into easy TAB so you can play-a-long… Positions on the neck - My thinking process - How I use scales, and which notes I use over chords…

  • The Nine Laws Bass Method Book: Digital Version #1 - This book is in constant development and updated regularly… This will allow you to practise with confidence and develop your rhythm in many directions…

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Who you spend your time with matters, it is who you become. You’ll be on the same journey as myself and others; knowledge; information and the answers you needI could have made this as some kind of a High-Priced Program and charge £2000+ …but I decided to make it a community of like minded people on the same journey, and you can start for free to see if its for you, then make it a monthly donation of £20 because you need to be immersed with other people on the same path as you; you need to be doing this stuff everyday, not just watch a few videos and think you've got it.



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Join Other Bass Players On The Same Journey To

Create Unique and Original Bass Lines

You don’t grow from study alone, it can only take you so far (practising); shift your focus to Turning Pro - actually doing it, not just getting ready.

Instead of adding to your information overload; you’re actually putting the lessons in The Nine Laws into action to finally do what you’re suppose to do; begin a new chapter; surround yourself with people who reflect who `you want to be and how you want to feel; energy is contagious;

You communicate and express yourself through bass. Until you satisfy that desire you will never be happy, there will always be something missing. You can have artistic skill, but you have to ultimately express yourself and promote individual uniqueness.

Suspended between two worlds; time to re-create yourself;

If you’re like me, bass is how you communicate with the world at a deeper level; this is your Gift, you’re supposed to be doing bass; don’t leave this world with your music still in you.

Created by Steve Bishop

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